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Monday, November 2, 2015

Todays News: Monday November 2, 2015

Bernie Sanders' Campaign Released First Television Ad on November 1 in Iowa and NH

BURLINGTON, Vt. – U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign on Sunday released its first television ad, titled “Real Change.”

The ad highlights the senator’s history of standing up “for working families and for principle.”

“Thousands of Americans have come out to see Bernie speak and we’ve seen a great response to his message,” Jeff Weaver, the campaign manager, said. “This ad marks the next phase of this campaign. We’re bringing that message directly to the voters of Iowa and New Hampshire.”

The ad will air statewide in Iowa and New Hampshire and is part of a buy exceeding $2 million. Bernie, New York Daily News, CNN, NPR, Reddit,

Sanders to Deliver Key Note to Southern Federation of Democratic Women 

Charleston, S.C.--U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders will deliver the keynote address to the Southern Regional Meeting of the National Federation of Democratic Women on Saturday, the South Carolina Women’s Democratic Council announced.

“We are elated that he has chosen to speak to our Southern Region women,” the South Carolina Women’s Democratic Council said in a statement announcing the event. CountOn2, The State, Reddit,

Sanders Clearly Draws Out Significant  Differences with Clinton

MANCHESTER, N.H. — During a visit to a senior center here Friday, presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders highlighted his support for expanding Social Security benefits, an issue on which he asserted he has a “strong disagreement” with Democratic front-runner Hillary Rodham Clinton.

It was the third time in as many days that the Vermont senator has sought to draw attention to a policy difference with Clinton, reflecting a recent shift to a more aggressive strategy as he seeks the Democratic nomination.

Sanders would pay for his Social Security plan — which calls for both extending the life of the program and providing more generous benefits — by expanding the share of workers' wages that is subject to payroll taxes. Under current law, only the first $118,500 in earnings are taxed. Washington Post, ABC News, Union Leader Interview Video


Tom Fiegen US Senate Candidate

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