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Monday, August 10, 2015

Open Letter to Progressives from Monique Teal

Monique Teal, a staff writer at Daily Kos, writes a thought provoking article that should provide white folks an opportunity to reflect on their own racial blind spots and prejudices, unconscious or otherwise. Whatever you might think about the Black Lives Matter incident at the Bernie Sanders Rally in Seattle in Portland, the cause is just and one we must all support. #Black Lives Matter, #We Stand Together, #enoughisenough, #Bernie Sanders

From Daily Kos:

Those are just a few of the black people murdered last weekend. I’m sorry that your pep rally was interrupted but WE ARE DYING BY THE DOZENS in the streets. Have some perspective.
When you posted about BLM activists having “no strategy;”
When you ranted about not understanding BLM activists’ tactics;
When you railed about how Bernie is “the BLM candidate;”
When you lectured BLM activists because they “are working against their own interests;”
Did you also post about the anniversary of Michael Brown’s murder and the Ferguson uprising?
Did you also rant about the 314 black people that have been killed by the police since August 2014?
Did you also rail about the 12 trans women killed this year, almost all of whom still haven’t seen any justice?
Did you also lecture other progressives about how their privilege and comfort comes at a cost to others?

Did you do anything at all that would have actually helped the movement? Or were you so focused on advancing your candidate that you missed the very real human impact of hearing “progressives” boo when confronted with Black Lives Matter in “their” space?

Read the rest here.

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